Vet Chats are opportunities to share our stories.  Depending on when and where you served, you’ve quietly carried memories of experiences that only another veteran, active duty member or military family member can understand.  You can join in the  conversation; you can listen or most important, you can simply be with us.

Vet Chats take place on a monthly basis in faith-based environments that are both informal and confidential. There is no set number of participants nor is there a set agenda. Chats are led by trained facilitators who encourage the opening of the heart to the spirit within.

The only requirement to attend a Vet Chat is a desire to listen, be understood, not be alone, and to find peace. Active duty, veterans and military family members are always welcome.

Healing the Bruised Soul

Twenty two veterans die by suicide each day. That’s one every 65 minutes.

When military service members share their war and combat experiences among themselves healing takes place.

The We Serve Vet Chat program is a ministry with the mission of healing the bruised soul. Vet Chats work as veterans share their stories of what they used to be like, what happened, and what they are like now.

Join us at our next Vet Chat.

For more information download a PDF of a White Paper of The We Serve Vet Chat Program.